Your Family Day- Out At Fords Farm

Your Family Day- Out At Fords Farm

The Season to Purchase Mandarins

phoca_thumb_l_20110605_13Our Satsuma Mandarin is a seedless variety, easy to peel, full of juice and sweet. We have a reasonable crop considering the drought, bushfires and floods.  They are the children’s first choice as they are easy to peel, very juicy and is a seedless variety.

Imperial Mandarins are the mandarin you know from the supermarket and will be ready in June. Other citrus available when in season are lemons, limes, cumquats, oranges and kaffir limes.

There is Other Produce at Ford’s Farm

home-made-jam-honeyThere are plenty of homemade products available this year. which include jams, marmalade, butters, oils and honey.

There is plenty of honey this year as there has been a good flow of honey, unlike last year when we had no honey at all due to the drought.

You can purchase your favourite citrus trees, such as Satsumas and Imperials along with Cumquats this year.  We would be happy to give you hints as to how to look after your own tree, whether in a unit or on a house block.

Picnics are not allowed due to Covid19

feed-the-sheepUnfortunately due to Covid19 we are still not allowing picnics in the orchard this year.  However you are free to feed the sheep (food available for them in the shed).

We are only taking bookings again and limiting the number of cars permitted to enter the property at one time again this year.  Each car booked can hold up to 6 passengers and will cost $10.00 per car.  If you do not have a booking you will not be allowed entry.