What to Bring

Things you need to help you pick your fruit:

Scissors – to cut off the fruit (we do have scissors for hire)

Bags/boxes – to take your fruit home in

Shoes – 2nd pair in case it rains as your shoes may get muddy

Raincoat/Umbrella – it is fun to pick in the rain


Oops! I have purchased too many mandarins – what to do now!!!

The following suggestions can help you to find a use for every last mandarin you purchase.
If you find you have too many to eat (you may need to keep some back from the kids), simply squeeze the mandarins for juice. The Satsuma mandarin is full of juice and will give a good supply which fortunately lasts for a week in the fridge once squeezed. Something for breakfast every morning.

If you are time poor and don’t have time to squeeze the Satsumas, simply pop them in the freezer as is, skin and all (no need to put them in a plastic femara bag.) In the summer months simply remove them from the freezer , cut them in half serving them frozen in the skin with or without ice cream. A frozen treat for the children and a delight when they are not available in the shops.

If you are creative you can make your own jam so that you have a supply all year round. Simply email us and we will send you a simple recipe.


You will not be able to resist, simply eat them all!!!!!!!!

Imperials have a much longer shelf life and can be kept in the fridge until ready to eat or kept in your fruit bowl.

They unfortunately do not make good juice, but they make a fantastic jam or marmalade. We have recipes available on request.