OPENING 28 & 29 MAY 2022

OPENING 28 & 29 MAY 2022

Booking Dates & Times:

We open the weekend commencing Saturday & Sunday 28 & 29 May 2022.

The property was severely impacted by the recent floods in the Hawkesbury River and continuing rain which means the ground is still very muddy so we recommend you bring a change of shoes so you don’t drag mud into your car.  We also recommend a change of clothes for the children who are super active.

PICK YOUR OWN – Mandarins 

Mandarins, Limes and Oranges will be available along with some Cumquats.

We have a large crop of Satsumas but the large ones will be picked early, but there are still many which are quite delicious.  We do not have a large crop of Imperial mandarins this year, so be early to get your fill.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to guarantee the volume of fruit available on any given day especially as the season progresses.