Ford’s Farm is a citrus orchard specialising in Mandarins.

We have four varieties of Mandarins available during our season.  The Satsuma and Imperial Mandarins are early varieties, the Emperor and Hickson Mandarins are ready later in the season. Other citrus fruit for picking are Tahitian Limes, Lemons, Oranges, Cumquats and Kaffir Limes.

The Imperial is a well known mandarin, they are very popular, and this year although we do not have a large crop the fruit is large.

Limes are plentiful and are perfect for picking and we have an abundance.  There are only a small number of lemon trees, but these are also ready now and will probably be picked in the first week or so.

Naval Orange (only a small number of trees) should be ready soon.  We expect to close the farm when all the mandarins have been picked and will reopen for Emperor and Hickson mandarins along with the Nagami Cumquats probably in late July.

There is Other Produce at Ford’s Farm

All our fruit and homemade produce will be available online and limited pick your own.  Check our Click & Collect site to find what you are looking for.  Your product will all be placed in the boot of your car at the farmgate once you have placed your order, paid online and notified us when you want to collect it.

Expresso Coffee, Cappuccinos and Hot chocolate will be available only as takeaway.  This can be paid for at the gate before you leave the property.