PICK YOUR OWN – Mandarins 

Mandarins, Limes and Oranges are still in season.  We still have Imperials & Satsumas available.

We opened for picking the last weekend of May 2021.  Due to Covid19 we are still opening for bookings only and you will be able to book your visit through our website.  We will release more spaces should be have any fruit remaining after these dates.  We are doing this as many people were disappointed last year having booked only to find out we had run out of fruit and we had to arrange a refund.  Unfortunately we can’t guarantee the volume of fruit available on any given day especially as the season progresses.

At this point we are closed.

Booking Dates & Times:

Due to restrictions continuing and a 10 km stay at home order we will be closed until the health restrictions change and we can safely open for picking.

Watch this space for more information as to when we can re-open.