PICK YOUR OWN – Tahitian Limes

Tahitian Limes

Fords Farm has Tahitian Limes ready for picking.  You are welcome to come to the farm and pick Limes for a limited time for the next few weekends only.

Unfortunately we do not have any other fruit available at this time of the year, but it is an opportunity for you to get out of the house and spend an hour or so at the farm where you can pick a few limes, feed the sheep and obtain some homemade jams.

We do not charge an entry fee at this time of the year, only charging you for the fruit you pick at $3.00 per kg.  Pick as many or few as you like.  We have ideas for you as to what you can do to preserve your limes for the rest of the year.

Dates Open:       Sat 20 & Sun 21 Feb        10am to 2pm

Sat 27 & Sun 28 Feb        10am to 2pm

Please give us a call if you wish to come and ask your friends to join you.

We will re-open for picking mandarins in June this year and we will notify you prior to opening.  We will only be taking bookings at that time.