PICK YOUR OWN – bookings now closed

We are allowed to offer Pick Your Own on a limited scale from Saturday 6th June 2020 from 9.00am to 4.00pm.  This is the June Long Weekend.   We are limited by the number of cars allowed on the property at one time and therefore have to take bookings.  Go to our calendar click on the date you wish to come here, complete your details and payment and you will receive confirmation.  If you do not have a booking you will not be able to come onto the property.  Unfortunately because of the amount of wastage where people have picked and dropped fruit on the ground this has meant that we have to close the farm early.

There is a booking fee of $6 per car (which includes up to 6 people) and you must pay for everything you pick @ $15.00 per bucket (you can put all different fruit in the one bucket, excluding cumquats).  Health Regulations require us to follow the rules of social distancing with only 2 adults per car (and your children) and only four people in the shed at any time. These rules are changing daily.

  • You will need your own disposable gloves to wear while picking
  • Hand sanitiser for your own use
  • Your own scissors to cut the fruit off the trees
  • Your own bags to take the fruit home

If you are unwell please do not come to the farm, you will be refused entry, remain 1.5m from other people and only pick where indicated by the staff.

You are required to leave the property as soon as you have obtained and paid for your fruit and you will not be able to picnic on the property this year.  Unfortunately for your safety we will only have 4 toilets this year.