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Contact Us

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1275 Singleton Road, Laughtondale (via Wisemans Ferry), NSW 2775

Limited number of cars allowed at any one time due to government restrictions

Although your GPS may direct you down Laughtondale Gully Road, you will find it is only suitable for 4WD vehicles and we recommend you do not use it.  The road is one car wide, dirt, winding and has a drop on one side and cliff on other.

How to get here
Please continue generic femara along Old Northern Road into Wisemans Ferry and turn into Singleton Road on the right just before the township. We are the 2nd orchard along Singleton Road – follow our bright yellow signs.  We are 12.75 km from Wisemans (about 19 minutes).  Please be aware Singleton Road is very narrow, so do take care when approaching another vehicle as you will need to move over off the tar.