About Us

About Us


Ford’s Farm is nestled on the banks of the Hawkesbury River, along Singleton Road only 15 minutes from Wiseman’s Ferry. The farm is bounded by the Hawkesbury River and Marra Marra National Park. It is a peaceful place to be, away from the hustle and bustle of the City.

It has been a Pick Your Own orchard for 17 years and has developed with the help from our customers. We charge a booking fee for your car of $6.00 per family (approx. 5-6 people) and thereafter you pay $15.00 per bucket for what you pick, but you must pay for all the fruit you pick.  You can mix and match the fruit in your bucket from mandarins, limes, lemons and oranges.  We charge $10.00 per kg for cumquats, these must be picked in a separate bucket.  Our bookings are now closed for this year.

The citrus orchard was established over 50 years ago by the Ford family, some of the original where to buy femara online Emperor Mandarin trees still produce fruit.  We specialise in Satsuma and Imperial Mandarins, Tahitian Limes and Cumquats.

We have been a member of the Hawkesbury Harvest Farm Gate Trail for over 17 years and you will find more information about us and others by downloading the Hawkesbury Harvest Farm Gate Trail App from www.hawkesburyharvest.com.au. 

We are also a member of Wisemans Ferry Forgotten Valley business association follow the link to their website. 

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